New Parent Tips

Welcome to King Open!

Note: There is still a lot of uncertainty around logistics for the 2020-2021 school year. Please check back here throughout the Summer as we will update information as we learn it.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to any member of the FOKO board. You may also contact our King Open Family Liaison, Neusa DaCosta, at 1-857-270-3347 or

When do we find out about classroom assignments?
Classroom assignments for the 2020-2021 school year should be sent out by the end of August.

When does school start for kindergarteners?
The first day of school for Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Kindergarten students is currently scheduled to be on Thursday, September 10th 2020.  This is 2 days after everyone else is currently scheduled to start school on Tuesday, September 8th.  JK and Kindergarten orientation usually place during these two days before school starts. Your child’s teacher should be in touch shortly before school starts with the orientation schedule.

Will my child have the opportunity to meet any of his/her classmates before school starts?
Every year, parents organize playdates in a playground near King Open on a couple of different dates over the summer for JK and Kindergarten families to meet.  Please contact Caroline Lowenthal with any questions.

Most summers, a big group of families have weekly potluck picnics at the park behind King Open. These are on hold for 2020.

What should we bring on the first day of school?
Each child is expected to bring a backpack that is large enough to fit a full size folder.  Teachers will send notices home in the backpacks each night and parents/guardians are expected to check them daily.  If your child is planning on bringing their lunch, they will also need a lunchbox.  For kindergartners, you will also want to bring an extra set of clothes to leave in the classroom as well as a small blanket for quiet/rest time.

What are the options for purchasing food in the cafeteria?
Breakfast is FREE for all children every day. Lunch may be purchased in the cafeteria.  The food and nutrition services department has information on their site about the costs for the meals, how to pay, applying for free lunch, as well as current food calendars.

Some classrooms have a shared, community snack and families will be asked to sign up to bring healthy snacks in. Other classrooms ask children to bring their own snacks. Watch for more information from your classroom teacher.

What are the school hours?
School hours are 8:55AM – 2:55PM.  Classrooms open at 8:40AM. On early release days, school closes at 12:55pm.

How do we know where/when to get the school bus?
Children who live more than a mile from the school qualify for the school bus.  Bus information is sent to families the week before school starts.  More information may be found here.

What are the options for before school care?
There isn’t any sort of formal childcare before school but you may drop off your child starting at 8am in the cafeteria. The cafeteria is also where the kids from the buses go once they arrive at school. There are usually options for kids to sign up for before-school recess, library time, technology time, King Open Singers, math club, and chess club.

What are the options for after school care?
King Open Extended Day (KOED) is an afterschool program that is completely integrated into the King Open School and is only open to KO students.  KOED is open for 10 months, from the first day of school in September to the last day of school in June. It is closed on most city and legal holidays. The hours are from 2:55PM to 6PM pm every school day, 12:55PM to 6PM on early release days and 8AM to 5:30PM during school vacations. 

How/when do we sign up for Community School or other classes?
The King Open Community school class catalog will be distributed to students around the second or third week of school and classes will start shortly thereafter.  They end a week or two before school breaks, so they don’t provide full childcare coverage.  Classes take place in the King Open building. Students may register to participate for a fee in a variety of classes.  Children who participate in KOED are also able to take Community School classes and will be brought to/from KOED and their registered class.

Another option may be the Science Club for Girls.  Science Club for Girls is a free, after school Science Club open to all girls. Registration usually begins in late August for the upcoming school year.

Who do I contact if my child has an allergy or health condition that needs to be discussed?
Ruth Jolicoeur is the school nurse and can be reached at 617.349.6540 x120.  You may also discuss any concerns with your child’s teacher.  For kindergarten families, the small group orientation session may be a good opportunity to do so prior to the beginning of school. You may also contact the Food and Nutrition office for additional accommodations. More information about the School Nursing Services are available here.

How do I learn more?
We recommend joining the Friends of King Open Facebook page and/or the Friends of Ola Facebook page.

There is also a King Open Community email list you can subscribe to. This email list is a forum for parents/guardians of current KO students to discuss issues, ask school-related questions of other parents, make connections, and brainstorm ideas. The list is unmoderated—messages are not screened before they go to the list.

Lastly, you may also visit the school’s website. Please let us know if you have any questions.

How may I get involved?
There are a variety of ways to get involved in the King Open community:  You may serve as a Classroom Connector in your child’s classroom, attend an event, volunteer to help in a classroom, chaperone on field trips, participate on a committee, etc.

The Friends of King Open (FOKO) meets monthly. Please join us and learn about all of the great ways to get involved! Please contact Sarah Christopher if you are interested in joining the FOKO board, are curious about ways to get involved, or have any questions.

Again, welcome!

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