Community Supporters

Businesses in and around Cambridge have consistently demonstrated strong support for our school and the students of Cambridge with monetary donations, gifts, or in-kind prizes.  Please support these local businesses, let them know how important their support is, and how much it means to us.   Check your diet at the door when  you visit the restaurants! FOKORuns 2016 logos

Atwood’s Tavern
Bianca Baader Designs
Boutique Fabulous
Craigie on Main
East Cambridge Business Association
East Side Bar and Grill
Henry Bear’s Park
Iggy’s Bread
J & J Restaurant
Kirkland Tap & Trotter
Muqueca Restaurant
New Deal Fish Market
New England Aquarium
Olympia Sports
Petsi Pies
Porter Square Books
S&S Restaurant
Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Starbucks, Kendall Square
Stellabella Toys
Tavern in the Square

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